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Located in Hamilton, ON, Dr. Rahul Shukla and the team at drs skincare are excited and honored to be a Centre of Excellence for truSculpt® 3D, a non-invasive fat reduction and body sculpting treatment. Now you can get rid of those stubborn pockets of fat.

What is truSculpt® 3D?

The Cutera truSculpt® 3D system uses a multi-dimensional approach to circumferential reduction and body sculpting. Precise temperatures are delivered to the subcutaneous fat layer. The unique delivery gives patients effective, efficient results in a shorter treatment time.

What does truSculpt® 3D do?

Weight loss does not equal fat removal. When an individual loses weight with diet and exercise, the assumption is that fat is lost. However, fat cells are stored throughout the body. The cells only shrink when weight is lost; they do not disappear. For patients with stubborn pockets of fat, truSculpt® 3D procedures help patients get rid of the extra unwanted pouch.

The Cutera truSculpt® 3D system utilizes radio frequency (RF) technology. Featuring a closed-loop temperature feedback mechanism, subcutaneous fat cells are consistently and uniformly heated. Fat cells are broken down and disposed of by the body over a period of 3 months.

This approach achieves truly 3D results as it is:

  • Targeted – A specific area is treated.
  • Repeatable – The results are consistently achieved.
  • Uniform – The fat cells are heated and destroyed evenly across the treatment area.

Patients who had this treatment have experienced up to a 24 % reduction in fat thickness in a single treatment!

What to expect

Remember, body sculpting procedures do not replace healthy diet and exercise. Instead, it complements your healthy lifestyle and removes the stubborn fat that remains. Many patients see satisfactory results in just one treatment. The end result is a body shape you desire. It is a system for targeted fat reduction. Once destroyed, fat cells do not regrow in the same area. The cells are gone forever. The truSculpt® 3D system may also be used to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

The truSculpt® 3D body sculpting treatment has brought about a new dimension in body sculpting in Hamilton, ON. For an appointment, call (905) 524-1712.


"Very knowledgeable, helpful, and always willing to answer questions. Also very punctual! Would highly recommend"
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