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Body Sculpting Clinic in Hamilton ON area

In selecting treatment modalities, we look to provide efficacious, safe devices that provide multiple benefits.  In keeping with this commitment, Dr. Shukla is quite selective about what products and devices are used here at drs skincare, choosing only those which he believes to be premier quality. For that reason, he relies on next-generation TruSculpt 3D technology for body sculpting at his clinic in Hamilton, ON.

CoolSculpting vs TruSculpt 3D body shaping

Patients often inquire about CoolSculpting, which is a heavily advertised alternative treatment. CoolSculpting may have a catchier and more familiar name, but that does not guarantee better treatment. In fact, TruSculpt has many distinct benefits.

How do these body sculpting treatments stack up in a side-by-side comparison?

Treatment modality:

  • CoolSculpting destroys fat cells by freezing them. The procedure involves suctioning tissue between two temperature-controlling panels.
  • truSculpt uses to destroy fat cells by heating them. This is accomplished with radiofrequency energy, applied via a warming applicator that glides gently over the skin.

In comparison to many other technologies on the market including CoolSculpting, TruSculpt 3D has the following advantages:

  • TruSculpt 3D can be used in many areas on the body, with less restrictions on the size of the treatment area
    • The CoolSculpting process only affects fat cells that are between the panels. Therefore, areas too small for the device are not treatable. Furthermore, it may not be appropriate for especially large treatment areas.
  • TruSculpt 3D is a very precise and predictable treatment, with an average of 24 percent fat removal. Radiofrequency energy has skin tightening properties, so truSculpt may reduce tissue laxity.
    • CoolSculpting advertises an average fat reduction of 20 to 25 percent in the treatment area. It has no effect on tissue laxity.
  • TruSculpt 3D has minimal downtime and patients can resume daily activities typically right after treatment
  • TruSculpt 3D has a relatively quick treatment time with most sessions last about 1 hour
  • TruSculpt 3D has few treatment sessions typically requiring 1-2 sessions to see ideal results

Find out for yourself

The best way to understand the full benefit of three-dimensional body shaping with truSculpt is to experience it for yourself. Just give us a call at (905) 524-1712 and arrange a consultation with Dr. Shukla to get started. Ideal candidates understand the following:

  • Body contouring works better in those who maintain a healthy diet and active lifestyle
  • Body contouring works better in patients with excess fat in targeted areas
  • Body contouring will not typically give results as significant as liposuction or surgical methods of body contouring
  • Patience is required to see optimal results as best results are typically seen 3 months after treatment
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