Choosing a body sculpting treatment from your Hamilton, ON clinic

Body Sculpting Clinic in Hamilton ON area

In selecting treatment modalities, we look to provide efficacious, safe devices that provide multiple benefits.  In keeping with this commitment, Dr. Shukla is quite selective about what products and devices are used here at drs skincare, choosing only those which he believes to be premier quality. For that reason, he relies on next-generation TruSculpt 3D technology for body sculpting at his clinic in Hamilton, ON. CoolSculpting vs TruSculpt 3D body shaping Patients often inquire about CoolSculpting, which is a heavily advertised alternative treatment. CoolSculpting may have a catchier and more familiar name, but that does not guarantee better treatment. In … Continue reading

Dermatologist in Hamilton, ON explains 4 reasons why Juvéderm is a smart cosmetic option

4 Reasons Why Juvéderm is a Smart Cosmetic Option in Hamilton area

Botox is a common household term at this point, and while it smooths out wrinkles caused by active muscular contractions, it cannot solve all the skin problems associated with aging. Juvéderm, a different type of cosmetic injectable, is a highly versatile treatment that can not only combat wrinkles, but also boost the youthful volume in your face that is naturally lost as you age, as well as condition your skin to enhance its texture. Below, Dr. Rahul Shukla, dermatologist at drs skincare in Hamilton, ON, explains 4 reasons why Juvéderm is a smart cosmetic option. 1 – It is versatile … Continue reading

Is it possible to shrink my pore size? Dermatologist in Hamilton, ON weighs in

Is It Possible to Shrink Pore Size in Hamilton area

When many people think about skin issues that affect their appearance, wrinkles are what come to mind first. But having a beautiful, even skin tone that is not blemished by large pores can also have a huge impact on the appearance of your skin. If you can easily see your pores when you look in the mirror, you may be wondering if it is possible to shrink your pore size. Fortunately, with some diligence in your home care regimen and the latest skincare technologies, evenly toned skin with smaller pores is possible! Dr. Rahul Shukla, a dermatologist in Hamilton, ON, … Continue reading


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Wonderful clinic and staff. Dr. Shukla is amazing. I’ve been coming to Dr. Shukla for over 3 years always a great experience. Would highly recommend!
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