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Let your inner beauty emerge with Glo Skin Beauty makeup

A beautiful girl with make-upGlo Skin Beauty is clinical skin care . . . with colour. This is a mineral makeup system specially designed for the clients of skincare professionals. You can expect unsurpassed coverage and protection from UV and environmental exposure, from this award-winning spectrum of mineral pigments. Glo Skin Beauty is talc-free and non-comedogenic so it is an ideal choice even for very sensitive skin.

Glo Skin Beauty delivers

  • Excellent, lasting coverage
  • A powerful blend of antioxidants
  • In a talc-free formula

The power of antioxidants

gloThis blend of Vitamins A, C, and E, plus green tea extract supplies nutrients essential for maintaining healthy skin, while protecting it from damage.

Broad spectrum sun protection: UVA and UVB

Glo Skin Beauty foundations provide complete protection. The properties of natural minerals including zinc oxide and titanium dioxide make it possible.

Pleasing palette

Glo Skin Beauty amasses a broad spectrum of natural pigments from minerals – the latest hues to timeless classics.

Skin-healthy artistry

Makeup should improve your complexion while it enhances your look. With our professional advice and dermatologist-approved brands it does! Purchase high-quality cosmetics on site at drs skin care.


lycogelThe skin is the largest organ in the body, and it serves essential functions including protection, toxin elimination, and temperature regulation. However, its medical needs, such as oxygen and nutrients, are often overlooked, especially when it comes to makeup products. Shouldn’t cosmetics promote skin health, to help you look great even after they are removed? That’s the idea behind Lycogel cosmetics.

  • 12 active ingredients in a designer gel base
  • Delivers nutrients, moisture, and oxygen to skin
  • Broad spectrum SPF protection
  • Water resistant for 90 minutes


"Very knowledgeable, helpful, and always willing to answer questions. Also very punctual! Would highly recommend"
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