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Is loose or sagging skin making you look older than you are? Fortunately, due to advancements in skin tightening technology, doctors today can improve the look of lax skin on your face and body using methods that are less invasive than traditional treatments in the past. And these non-surgical facelift treatments really work.

Dr. Rahul Shukla and his team at drs skincare in Hamilton, ON can provide you a consultation on non-surgical skin tightening treatments that make your skin tighter and leave you looking younger. If you are interested in learning more about skin tightening treatments, call Dr. Shukla to discuss your options and get answers to any questions that you have.

Sagging skin is a natural effect of aging

Droopy, sagging skin is an unavoidable effect of aging. As you age, your body produces less collagen, which is the protein that provides your skin elasticity and makes it look young and toned. Without sufficient collagen, your skin succumbs to gravity and starts hanging around your neck, face, and body, which causes an elderly appearance.

Types of non-surgical skin tightening treatments

Dr. Shukla uses a variety of medical and cosmetic treatments to provide his patients with tighter, more toned skin and improved aesthetics. The right treatment for you depends on your skin and desired results, so Dr. Shukla will discuss your options in a personalized consultation. Common skin tightening treatments performed at drs skincare include:

  • Forma: This effective, non-invasive treatment uses radiofrequency energy to stimulate the production of collagen deep in the layers of skin in your face or body, which makes your skin more elastic and youthful looking over time. The procedure is safe, comfortable and produces long-lasting results making forma a popular treatment among celebrities
  • TruSculpt 3D: Unlike coolsculpting, TruSculpt 3D uses heat to reduce fat and tighten skin and is great option for the right candidate.
  • Fractora: Utilizing radiofrequency microneedling, fractora acts to reduce scars, improve texture, reduce pigment and tighten skin. Although the face and neck are the most popular areas treated, fractora can applied to a variety of areas on the skin. At times platelet rich plasma (aka PRP) is used in conjunction to further enhance results and can be considered and advance version of a “Vampire facial”.

What to expect during and after the procedure

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The total treatment time per session depends on what treatment you are getting done and the area you are focusing on, but most procedures are short enough to complete within 1-2 hours.

Typically, there is minimal downtime with Forma and TruSculpt 3D treatments with mild redness being the most common observation post treatment.  Pain is minimal for both treatments and no topical anesthesia is required.

After Fractora typically redness and swelling are noted that can last 1-5 days.  Bruising may occur. Pain is controlled with topical anesthetics and at times local anesthesia via needles.

The results from Forma, TruSculpt 3D and Fractora treatments are not typically immediate. Instead, you will gradually notice the changes over the next six to twelve weeks after finishing your treatment sessions.

Sometimes we can combine treatment to obtain the best possible results.

Dr. Shukla will discuss the optimal treatment plan based on your current skin and your goals, but depending on the treatment, you may require multiple visits spaced a week or more apart, or regular visits at longer time intervals. Pictures will be taken before and after your treatments to monitor the results.

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Learn more about whether skin tightening is a good option for you

Dr. Rahul Shukla and his medical aesthetic team at drs skincare can provide you with more information about skin tightening treatments at an individualized consultation. They will give you a personalized recommendation for treatment based on your skin, target area, desired results, and budget, and will answer any questions that you have about the procedure or what to expect.

The team at drs skincare wants you to feel and look your best and will work with you to achieve the skin tightening results you want to see. Call Dr. Rahul Shukla in Hamilton, ON today at (905) 524-1712 to schedule your consultation today!


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