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Dr. Rahul Shukla is excited to offer the latest generation in body sculpting at drs skincare in Hamilton. ON. TruSculpt® iD is the newest member of the truSculpt family, which includes truSculpt® 3D. This innovation in nonsurgical fat reduction features six handpieces (instead of truSculpt® 3D’s two handpieces). That means we can treat multiple areas of stubborn fat at one time for the most efficient and versatile treatment available. Notably, truSculpt® iD is also the first body-sculpting technology to be FDA-cleared for the treatment of individuals with a Body Mass Index of 30 or higher.

The “basics”

TruSculpt® iD uses heat derived from monopolar RF. “Monopolar” refers to “passing through all skin layers.” RF stands for a type of electric and magnetic energy: Radiofrequency. In dermatology procedures, it is delivered precisely to treatment areas using custom applicators or handpieces. This energy precisely targets and destroys fatty cells – underneath the skin to the muscular tissues.

Frequently, truSculpt® iD system is applied to contour the:

  • Chin and jawline
  • Abdominal area
  • Flanks or sides
  • Thighs
  • Triceps (“bat wings” behind the upper arms)

The technology

As RF energy warms up localized fatty areas, cells are damaged. Over a 12-week period, the patient’s body naturally and safely removes the injured fat cells. Targeted application of controlled heating also presents modest opportunities to tighten skin and temporarily improves dimples (cellulite) within the treatment zone. Additionally, as heat is delivered deeply to the subcutaneous fat layer, we at drs skincare monitor and maintain appropriate skin temperatures. This feature supports both comfort, superior effectiveness, and safety. The temperature is consistently monitored and adjusted as needed.

The process

TruSculpt® iD treatment can be completed in 15 minutes. First, the handpieces are applied. Then, they are gradually heated. RF energy is delivered. The fat layer is heated, while the skin temperature stays much cooler for your safety and comfort. The sensation has been compared to a hot stone massage, though every patient tolerates the heat differently. Any discomfort that may be felt is brief and subsides quickly.

There is no downtime afterward. So, you can get back to your life immediately. Now, there may be some lingering warmth, flushing, and redness or tenderness in the sites that were treated. No other common side effects have been reported.

The results

Over the next one to three months, patients’ bodies metabolize and eliminate the fat cells within the treated subcutaneous tissues. Since the results depend on this process occurring, increasingly defined contours surface gradually over time. Optimal results are generally achieved at the 12-week point. Depending on your goals, additional treatment may be completed at around that time.

Cutera, the makers of the truSculpt® products, report that patients achieved an average fat reduction in the subcutaneous fat layer of 24%. Since fat cells are destroyed and permanently eliminated from the treatment area, you will retain a defined silhouette as long as you maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. The fat cells that remain behind following the treatment can still expand if you no longer exercise or eat nutritiously and gain weight.

Appropriate candidates

TruSculpt iD® may be notable for treating patients with BMIs of 30-plus; however, it is still not a substitute for healthy eating and exercise and other weight loss methods. It is safe and appropriate for all skin types and tones. Since thinning out the fat layer can result in more lax skin, we will assess your skin’s elasticity before determining the most appropriate treatment plan to address your needs and reach your goals for aesthetic improvement and body sculpting. Start the process today. Contact us to schedule your consultation.

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