What are Botox and Dysport?

Botox and Dysport are two types of neuromodulators that are used to inject into the muscles and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. They are often used for facial wrinkle removal, specifically for areas such as the glabellar lines, forehead folds, and crow’s feet. They can be used in conjunction with anti-aging dermal fillers also available at drs skincare.

What does Botox and Dysport do?

These neuromodulators work by reducing the contractions of specific muscles on the face. By doing this, over the course of several days, the skin will become smoother. Wrinkles, folds, and fine lines become less noticeable, and patients enjoy a more youthful looking appearance for several months.

Types of Neuromodulators

The two types of neuromodulators available at drs skincare are Botox and Dysport. Both are similar formulations.

What to expect

Patients relax in the treatment chair at drs skincare while our dermatological staff administers the injections of Botox and Dysport into the specific areas of the face.
Patients may notice some redness and tenderness at the injection site following their treatment, but this is normal and will improve over the next 48 hours. Within a week, patients will start to notice the reduced depth and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the treatment area, and will enjoy the results for many months to come!

A woman under botox treatment


Why choose Botox and Dysport?

These neuromodulators are safe, effective, and affordable for many of our patients, making them the most desirable option for both men and women seeking anti-aging treatment.

Can I use other products along with Botox and Dysport?

Yes! Our team may suggest integrating other cosmetic injectables to achieve the desired results.

Who is a candidate?

Most patients are candidates and can enjoy Botox and Dysport injections to turn back time! Contact us to see if Botox or Dysport are right for you

Dr. Rahul Shukla of Drs Skin Care at Hamilton, ON

Meet Dr. Rahul Shukla

Dr. Rahul Shukla is a modern dermatologist staying in line with the advancements in the field by being a member in numerous associations. He obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from Brock University, and later attended medical school at McMaster University, and completed dermatology residency at University of Toronto. He is Board-certified in dermatology, in both Canada and in the United States.

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