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Skin tag removal solutions

Cryotherapy, Excision, Laser treatment

Treatment Recovery
~ 3-4 weeks
# Of Treatments Required
Best Results Seen
8 weeks
*estimate of sessions to be determined in consultation

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Call drs skincare in Hamilton, ON, to safely remove your skin tags

Call drs skincare to safely remove your skin tags
Watch Dr. Rahul Shukla of drs skincare in Hamilton, ON, explain skin tags. Many people have them, and most want them removed. Dr. Shukla and team use several methods, such as shaving, scissor excision, and lasers, to remove skin tags. Sometimes, these tags may indicate underlying health conditions, like diabetes. Thus, it’s vital that you have them checked. Want to learn more? Dial [phone] for a consultation.

The team at drs skincare of Hamilton, Ontario, regularly works with patients who have skin tags. Our dermatologists can provide a proper diagnosis and discuss with you your removal options.

What is a skin tag?

A skin tag is best described by our team at drs skincare as a non-cancerous skin growth. It can resemble a tiny piece of hanging skin with an attached stem. They are usually found in areas of your body that rub together, such as the armpits, neck, and eyelids, though they can appear anywhere. They come in various colours, sizes, and shapes and can vary from just a few millimetres to even several centimetres in length. Skin tags, sometimes called acrochordons, are generally not bothersome. In some cases, skin tags can be associated with diabetes therefore it may be helpful to be screen for diabetes by your family phyisican.

What methods are available to remove skin tags or acrochordons?

At drs skincare, we offer a few solutions for skin tag removal. Our dermatologists can remove these non-cancerous skin growths in the following ways:

  • Cryotherapy. This is a safe and effective method of skin tag removal that involves using liquid nitrogen to freeze off the growth
  • Excision. A physician can also use a scalpel or scissors to cut away the skin tags
  • Laser treatment. High-intensity lasers are used to heat up and break down the molecules in the tissue, effectively causing the skin tag to disappear

Which skin tag removal solution is best for my needs?

No matter what method you choose, our dermatologists at drs skincare will ensure that the procedure is performed safely and efficiently.

We look forward to helping you achieve your skincare goals!

If you have any additional questions regarding skin tag removal, please feel free to contact us for more information. Drs. Rahul Shukla and Jennifer Chuback of drs skincare in Hamilton, Ontario, work with patients to help them with cosmetic and medical dermatology solutions.

If you are located in or around the community and want to reach out to our team, call us at (905) 524-1712 to request an upcoming appointment at our facility.

We are open to new and current patients ready for comprehensive skin care solutions!

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Dr. Rahul Shukla is a modern dermatologist staying in line with the advancements in the field by being a member in numerous associations. He obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from Brock University, and later attended medical school at McMaster University, and completed dermatology residency at University of Toronto. He is Board-certified in dermatology, in both Canada and in the United States. Meet Dr. Rahul Shukla