What is a cyst on the skin, and is removal an option? At drs skincare Hamilton, ON

Skin Cyst Removal
Treatment Recovery
~ 6 Weeks
# Of Treatments Required
Typically 1
Best Results Seen
Up to 1 year
*estimate of sessions to be determined in consultation

New or changing skin growths on the face and body may be a red flag of serious concerns such as skin cancer. However, not all new or changing growths are a problem. Facial and body cysts may be completely harmless. With a proper diagnosis, our team at drs skincare of Hamilton, Ontario, can provide patients with treatment and removal options to choose from once the type of cyst is identified correctly.

What are cysts?

Cysts are often benign growths that may appear on the face or body. They typically develop when a hair follicle, sweat gland, or sebaceous gland becomes blocked and filled with fluid. They may also be associated with conditions like acne, creating large pustules and pimples that can become red and painful. With a definitive diagnosis of the type of cyst present, our team at drs skincare in Hamilton, Ontario, can educate you on how these cysts can be removed or treated.

How are cysts treated, and can they be removed by a professional?

Cysts can remain small for many years but can grow over time and become painful if they press against bones or nerves.  The can be found in many areas of the body.

Drs. Rahul Shukla & Jennifer Chuback are trained to diagnose cysts and offer the best treatment option based on the cyst’s type, size, and location.

Although not medically necessary, we often perform cyst removal by excision as patients are often bothered by these spots due to aesthetics, “in the way” or a nuisance for patients. We most commonly treat epidermal cysts (commonly referred to as “sebaceous cysts), and pilar or scalp cysts

Are you considering cyst removal?

Whether you want to treat or remove unwanted cysts on the face and body, the doctors at drs skincare are here to assist!

Hamilton, Ontario, area patients can call (905) 524-1712 to request a dermatology appointment at our facility located at 1662 Upper James Street.

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