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Nose Filler

Hide a dorsal hump, Lift a droopy tip, Augment a flat dorsum (Asian nose), Correct small asymmetries on the frontal view, Tip refinement (somewhat), Improve post-surgical, Rhinoplasty deficiencies

Treatment Recovery
1-2 weeks typically
# Of Treatments Required
~ 2
Best Results Seen
1 month
*estimate of sessions to be determined in consultation

We have a “nose” for nonsurgical, liquid rhinoplasty

Although surgery is considered the gold standard for many aesthetic procedures, many patients are not ready for, nor do they want to undergo, aggressive, invasive surgical procedures to get the look they’ve always wanted or to restore their radiant, healthy appearance.

At drs skincare, many of our patients are looking for non-surgical options to achieve their aesthetic goals. Patients are not ready for, nor do they want to undergo, aggressive, invasive surgical procedures to get the look they’ve always wanted or to restore their radiant, healthy appearance.

Individuals from across Hamilton and greater southern Ontario don’t have to resort to surgeries associated with additional risks and demands for healing, recovery, and downtime. They can get dramatic yet natural-looking improvements conservatively with an array of nonsurgical therapies and products.

Notably, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Rahul Shukla applies considerable talent and expertise with injectable filler to alter the appearance of a central and unmistakable facial feature: the nose.

An introduction to nose reshaping

Traditionally, individuals with narrow or elevated nasal bridges, bulbous nasal tips, flared nostrils, bumps and humps, and other concerns about the aesthetics of their nose either had to “learn to live with it” or would be candidates for surgical correction with “rhinoplasty”. As with all surgeries, the “nose job” carries with it risks. Since the procedure involves altering tissues, patients must be prepared for downtime and adhere to instructions and after-care to support predictable and safe healing. It can require several weeks for swelling following rhinoplasty to go down.

However, in many cases, it can provide you with the best results. If surgery is an option for you, we highly recommend a consultation with a surgeon who has expertise in rhinoplasty.

Nose reshaping without rhinoplasty

The ideal patient for non-surgical nose reshaping is looking to achieve the following:

  • Hide a dorsal hump
  • Lift a droopy tip
  • Augment a flat dorsum (Asian nose)
  • Correct small asymmetries on the frontal view
  • Tip refinement (somewhat)
  • Improve post-surgical rhinoplasty deficiencies

We often perform the procedure in two steps separated over two to four weeks.

Typically, results can last 9-12 months.

Although we take precautions to guard against complications, it is important to note injecting the nose is considered a “risky” area. In those who had previous surgery, the anatomy can be altered, potentially making the procedure less safe. In these situations, we often will not perform HA filler for nasal reshaping.

As with all services and treatments provided by Dr. Shukla and the team, he will start by consulting with you and evaluating your concerns to determine if non-surgical rhinoplasty is the best choice for you.

Patients who undergo this “liquid” rhinoplasty like that it:

  • Is well-tolerated by most patients without the need for deep sedation and anesthesia for comfort
  • Avoids the lengthy downtime, splints, and other supplies and after-care necessary for surgical nose jobs
  • Is customizable, with the capacity and flexibility to inject less or more filler as needed to achieve each patient’s unique goals
  • Economical costs are significantly less than surgical interventions
  • Is reversible – in case you decide that you want your “old nose” back!
  • Can give a glimpse of what surgery may look like if you eventually proceed with surgery

Like other filler treatments, liquid rhinoplasty results are temporary and require ongoing treatment sessions for maintenance. This can be an appealing option for patients who wish to “test-drive” the results before making a big commitment to surgery. Whatever the case may be, drs skincare encourages you to contact us today to schedule an evaluation and find out more about your options. Our office in Hamilton, ON, can be reached at (905) 524-1712.

Dr. Rahul Shukla

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