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Dermal fillers, sometimes called hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers, are injectable cosmetic treatments used to reduce unwanted fine lines, wrinkles, and folds on the face. However, they can be over-filled or incorrectly administered, leaving patients with certain deformities or disfigurements that can impact their appearance. In some cases, HA fillers can migrate as well.

Even to the most skilled and experienced injector, complications can arise.

When these fillers are incorrectly injected or a complication occurs, the team at drs skincare can help with dermal filler reversal using hyaluronidase injections for patients in and around the Hamilton, Ontario, area.


Drs. Rahul Shukla and Jennifer Chuback of drs skincare in Hamilton, Ontario, describe hyaluronidase injections as a way to dissolve dermal fillers in the skin to reverse the effects. It is a safe and reliable way of breaking down hyaluronic acid fillers. After being injected, patients will see the results over several days following the procedure. Depending on the density of the fillers injected, some patients may need more than one treatment to fully reverse the effects of these aesthetic injectables.

What if I do not reverse the dermal filler injections with hyaluronidase injections?

If you choose not to have hyaluronidase injected, you may have to wait until the dermal filler dissolves on its own. The amount of time needed may vary depending on the type of filler, but most are absorbed by the body over several months. Hyaluronidase injections can significantly reduce this time and resolve the issue quickly.

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If you have had fillers administered by a professional and are unhappy with the results, or if dermal fillers were incorrectly injected, you may want to learn more about using hyaluronidase injections for dissolving fillers in the Hamilton, Ontario, area. Drs. Rahul Shukla and Jennifer Chuback of drs skincare encourage you to consider using this dermal filler reversal process to safely dissolve the hyaluronic acid fillers that were previously injected.

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