What is Laser Hair Removal?

One of the most popular services offered at drs skincare is laser hair removal. Both men and women find these treatments to be effective in reducing unwanted hair from such areas as along bikini lines, back, face, abdomen, and legs. To take advantage of this service, we invite patients to call and schedule a consultation. This allows Dr. Shukla, along with our skilled and experienced aesthetician, to examine them and provide an honest evaluation of what to expect regarding treatments.

What does Laser Hair Removal do?

Patients should understand that laser hair removal can be more accurately described as a significant reduction of hair in the treated areas. Repeat treatments will cumulatively result in greater satisfaction for patients. The number of treatment sessions that will be required varies. This is dependent upon such things as the area of the body being treated and the individual’s unique condition, as well. For example, a man’s back will require more treatments than a lady’s face.

What to expect

For patients who have never undergone laser hair removal, there are a few things they might wish to know. Downtime is expected to be minimal. Discomfort will vary, depending upon the area being treated and a person’s sensitivity. It should be noted, however, that it is a popular treatment choice for good reason – it is both economical and effective. To perform this procedure, we use the safe and powerful Diolaze diode laser and Triton laser, which provides fast and efficient hair reduction.

Diloaze is an efficient diode laser 810 nm laser with a large spot and strong cooling allowing for a fast, comfortable treatment for patients of most skin colors.

The Triton is one of the new laser hair removal systems on the market that allows for fast, efficacious reduction of hair on people of all skin colour. It houses three of the most effective lasers used for laser hair reduction: 755 nm alexandrite, 810 nm diode and 1064 Nd-Yag laser. For people with lighter skin, the duo light is used which fires both the 755 nm alexandrite and 810 nm diode laser in one pulse targeting hair at different levels of the skin providing highly effective reduction of hair safely.

In people with tanned or darker skin, the duo dark fires the 810 nm diode and 1064 Nd-Yag laser in one pulse selectively targeting melanin deep in the hair shaft avoiding melanin in the epidermis providing targeted, safe, highly efficacious hair reduction in this population without change to an individuals skin colour.

Please call us to schedule your personal laser hair removal consultation. Each patient and each situation is unique. We consider all the necessary factors to design a treatment plan that is suited ideally to the individual. Everyone is welcome at drs skin care in Hamilton for quality dermatologic services and products.

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