What to expect after filler injections: How we support healthy healing, optimal treatment outcomes At drs skincare Hamilton, ON

Filler Aftercare

Volume loss, Improvement in skin quality, Improvement in fine lines and wrinkles

Treatment Recovery
Up to 2 weeks typically
# Of Treatments Required
Depends on goals and treatment plan. Typically 1-3
Best Results Seen
About 1 month for hyaluroinc acid, About 3 months for radiesse, About 3-6 months for sculptra
*estimate of sessions to be determined in consultation

At drs skincare in Hamilton, Ontario, we work closely with our patients to ensure they are as informed as possible about their treatment options and upcoming treatments. Well-informed patients help to support the most pleasant experience and optimal outcomes, as the steps you take as a patient for aftercare following treatment with injectable fillers can either help or hinder your healing, recovery, and results.

With all of that being said, filler products are a highly predictable, low-risk, and safe way to restore youthful contours, texture, and radiance. When in the hands of our Board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Rahul Shukla, our patients also have considerable peace of mind that risks of side effects and complications following treatment are minimized. Precise application and skill also support the most natural-looking results and comfort.

What to expect after your injections

Once the injections are made, Dr. Shukla will ensure the results look good. Additional injections of filler may be applied as needed. Since dozens of Health Canada-approved dermal or soft tissue fillers are available today, the results, downtime, potential side effects, durability of the filler, maintenance injection schedule, and other factors vary from product to product. Dr. Shukla reviews these and other considerations specific to your needs and the filler being injected during your consultation and well in advance of your first treatment session.

The treatment sites are cleansed, and we may provide you with a cold compress to ease any swelling or tenderness that may be present. The process itself is well tolerated with the application of an anesthetic or with lidocaine that may be added to the product for patient comfort. Since fillers are considered a conservative and minimally invasive alternative to surgical procedures or more aggressive nonsurgical therapies, there is generally little to nothing to “recover from.” Often, patients can go about their day without missing a beat.

The most common side effects (and ways to manage them) associated with popular filler products are listed as follows:

  • Temporary bruising, discolouration, swelling, numbness, lumps, firmness, and discomfort at the injection sites may be present for a few hours or days
  • It may be advised to avoid strenuous exercise and activities for the first 24 to 48 hours post-injection (to help with bruising and swelling)
  • It is largely advised to minimize exposure to heat and the sun, as well as alcohol use, for around the first day post-treatment to ease the swelling
  • Common side effects can typically be managed by applying cooling, such as an ice pack, and by massaging the affected area
  • As needed, we can discuss medications and other steps that are tailored to support your recovery and stunning results

Speaking of results, during your consultation, we will discuss things like realistic expectations, your goals for treatment, and ways to sustain your smoother, rejuvenated skin with maintenance sessions and a commitment to a healthy skincare routine and lifestyle.

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