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At drs skincare, we believe that quality skin care products encourage healthy skin. We are very committed to patient education, and that includes providing information regarding proper personal skin care and selecting the ideal products for each patient’s individual needs. We are happy to answer any questions, as well as to make recommendations for beauty and health benefits to our patients.

We have researched and selected certain product lines that we have available for purchase in our dermatology office. We believe that these products provide convenient access to top quality skin care products. We invite our patients to speak with one of our associates regarding any of these product categories that are of interest.

We carry the following products:


We offer products from the following skincare lines, with a variety of choices designed for specific skin types and skin concerns.

  • SkinCeuticals – a brand backed by science, and committed to skin health.
  • ZO – offers protocols and solutions for healthy skincare products.

Comprehensive skincare: Choose the right products for your skin

ZO Skinhealth

Zo skin health

This line of products is designed to bridge the gap between routine skincare and therapeutic formulas. Developed by Dr. Zein Obagi, author of Obagi Skin Health Restoration & Rejuvenation and several other best-sellers. Zo Products are scientifically developed, using current technology, bioengineered complexes, and effective delivery systems. All products are formulated for safety and efficacy.

  • Formulated to promote healthy skin for patients of any age, ethnicity, or skin type
  • Hydrate, calm, and soothe irritated skin with anti-inflammatory formulas
  • Repair and rejuvenate skin with targeted therapeutic formulas
  • Innovative development team routinely tests new ingredients, refines and optimizes existing formulas

For more information about these or other skincare products, please call DRS Skincare at (905) 524-1712.



This line of skincare products is formulated for improving skin health. SkinCeuticals formulas result from decades of extensive research and science. Anti-oxidant rich formulas have been tested, and shown to deliver optimal penetration of skin. A wide variety of products are available, to address various skin concerns and different skin types.

SkinCeuticals – Video

drs skin care
SkinCeuticals – Video



Thick, dark lashes frame your eyes beautifully. If your lashes are pale or skimpy, this non-invasive treatment could be ideal. Latisse is a topical liquid applied at the lash line. It is available only by prescription from a doctor. The formulation was originally developed to treat glaucoma by reducing eye pressure. Today, Latisse is FDA-approved for eyelash growth in individuals who have inadequate lashes.

A simple nightly application of this bimatoprost ophthalmic solution creates remarkable change, with full results in about four months. Initially, you will notice increased lash length. Gradually, lashes become thicker and darker. By week eight, change is obvious, and continued use for 16 weeks ensures results. Dr. Shukla will then talk with you about the benefits of ongoing use to maintain your attractive new look.

Undeniable results

The safety and effectiveness of Latisse have been researched extensively in the United States. In recent studies, 78 percent of treated participants experienced significant increase in eyelash prominence:

  • Length – 25 percent longer
  • Fullness – 106 percent thicker
  • Darkness – 18 percent darker

While Latisse is well-tolerated, as with any medication, there are risks of side effects. Some patients (only about four percent) develop an itchy sensation, dryness, or redness of the eyes. Darkening of skin at the lash line may also occur.



In the 1930s, Albert Ducray, the visionary son of a dermatologist, marketed the first dermo-cosmetic shampoos. These formulations were designed to improve the condition of different hair types. Ducray shampoos are still recommended by high-end spas, stylists, and dermatologists.