Skin Tightening

What is Skin Tightening?

Skin Tightening is a very popular treatment offered at drs skin care. We have people of all ages sign up to receive our Forma & Forma Plus skin tightening treatments with the goal of obtaining natural looking, tighter, more toned & lifted skin without surgery or downtime

How Does it Work?

Forma uses radiofrequency energy to stimulate collagen & elastin production for body remodeling.

Where can it be Done?

A variety of areas of the body including the temples, jowls, nasolabial fold, neck, arms, buttocks and knees

What to Expect

Upon arriving, you will be welcomed to our relaxing environment where our aesthetician will apply ultrasound gel to the area being treated prior to commencing therapy with forma.

The treatment itself is often compared to a warm massage where Forma is gently glided over the area to be treated until the target temperature is achieved. Repeat treatments will cumulatively result in greater satisfaction for patients. The number of treatment sessions will vary, dependent upon such things as the area of the body being treated and the individual’s unique condition. Other than transient redness, there is no downtime as clients return to regular activities. During treatments, before & after pictures are taken to ensure we can properly monitor your results for overall patient care.

How do I learn more about skin tightening?

Please call us today to schedule your personal skin tightening consultation. Each patient and each situation is unique. We consider all the necessary factors to design a treatment plan that is suited ideally to the individual. To take advantage of this service, we invite clients to call and schedule a personal consultation. This allows Dr. Shukla, along with our skilled and experienced medical aestheticians, to examine clients and provide an honest evaluation of what to expect regarding treatments.

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