Chemical Reconstruction of Skin Scars – TCA Cross At drs skincare Hamilton, ON

TCA Cross

Scars (deep such as ice pick, superficial, or boxcar)

Treatment Recovery
Up to 2 weeks
# Of Treatments Required
Up to 4 treatments
Best Results Seen
1 month post final treatment
*estimate of sessions to be determined in consultation

Chemical Reconstruction of Skin Scars – TCA Cross

At drs Skincare, our team in Hamilton, Ontario, is pleased to provide a wide selection of skin services for new and returning patients. This includes our TCA CROSS treatment, which is best used for patients who have acne scarring. It can help the skin smooth away these scars for improved texture and tone of the skin with just a few treatment sessions spaced a month apart. Our doctors at drs Skincare can provide a thorough consultation and evaluation to determine if you are a proper fit for this or other chemical peel solutions available at the practice.

What Does TCA CROSS Stand For?

TCA CROSS is an acronym for “Trichloroacetic Acid Chemical Reconstruction of Skin Scars. It is a special method of treating the skin that uses acid ingredients directly on scarring to actually stimulate the skin’s natural production of collagen and elastin. Doing so reduces the appearance of acne scars in a long-lasting method—different from what can be achieved with cosmetic dermal fillers often used for acne scars in the past.

What Can TCA CROSS Be Used For?

Hamilton, Ontario, patients who have imperfections on the skin may benefit from the TCA CROSS treatment. Many patients use TCA CROSS for acne scars, either superficial or deep, such as ice pick scars. This treatment method can also improve Boxcar scars. We can evaluate a patient to determine if they are a good candidate for the TCA CROSS procedure and make appropriate recommendations for the goals patients want to achieve with dermatological treatments.

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If you are interested in learning more about the TCA CROSS process and the results you can expect, connect with our team at drs Skincare today! Call (905) 524-1712 to request a consultation visit at our office, located at 1662 Upper James Street. Our doctors and aestheticians are here to provide quality care for patients seeking ways to improve their skin and body with the assistance of medical professionals in the community of Hamilton, Ontario.

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