What are Moles and Skin Tags?

Some people are prone to moles and skin tags. This may desensitize a person and make them less aware when they have a skin growth that takes a harmful turn. To obtain proper assessment of these skin growths, it may be advisable to ask a doctor about the need for regularly-scheduled skin checks, and request a referral to us, if necessary. A professional check also allows examination of places that may not be visible to the patient due to their location.

What to expect

During these appointments at drs skincare, the doctor will examine the patient’s skin, and discuss removal of any suspicious moles to perform a biopsy. Of course, if a patient does notice any changes to a mole between visits, a call should be placed to their doctor right away to make an appointment for it to be evaluated.

Before and After Care

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Sometimes a mole or skin tag may exist in a place that is uncomfortable because it is being rubbed by clothing, or may simply make the person feel self-conscious due to its location and appearance. Aesthetic mole and skin tag removal are procedures we commonly perform.

During a visit with our doctor, a patient can ask any questions regarding removal of moles or skin tags, and will be provided with necessary information. After this, a patient will be allowed to make a personal decision regarding the best option for them.

Quite often, we can conduct the removals either the very same day or at a time convenient to the patient, depending on how many places need attention.

When it has been determined that your mole or skin tag concerns should be handled by a dermatology professional, we invite you to drs skincare in Hamilton for an exceptional healthcare experience. Here you will find that every member of our staff is concerned about the things that concern you. Your health is our priority; your satisfaction is our goal. We look forward to being able to help you to obtain and maintain beautiful and healthy skin.