Fractora skin treatment is toning necks in Hamilton, ON

Fractora skin treatment for toning necks

Skin on the neck is thin and delicate. It is also subject to sun exposure in most seasons. That combination, along with hereditary traits, diet, and environmental conditions can lead to sagging skin that adds years to your appearance. You may believe that surgery is your only option for “turkey neck.” Dr. Rahul Shukla at drs skin care in Hamilton, ON offers a nonsurgical alternative – Fractora skin treatment.

Understanding Fractora

This skin treatment equals the results of fractional CO2 laser therapy, without the downtime, potential side effects, or risks.
Rather than utilizing focused light like a laser, Fractora harnesses the power of bipolar radiofrequency energy. RF is simply waves of magnetic and electric energy radiating together – radio waves. The Fractora device delivers RF energy at varying depths in the skin with micro pin technology. Tiny fine needles penetrate the skin, depositing RF to heat deep tissue layers. That stimulates the natural healing process of collagen production. As the fibrous meshwork of collagen grows, it thickens and tightens skin.
Fractora is ideal for noticeable skin contraction on the neck and face. Treatment is also appropriate for improvement in fine lines and wrinkles, and loose skin from the hairline to décolletage. Fractora refines enlarged pores and acne scarring, as well.

Benefits of Fractora

  • Safe for all skin tones, with minimal risk of post inflammatory.
  • Minimally invasive.
  • Moisturizer and sunscreen are post-procedure requirements.
  • Mild side effects – usually
  • May wear makeup within two days.
  • Can be used alone, or in combination with other rejuvenation techniques such as neuromodulators and dermal fillers.
  • Just one to six treatments are needed to achieve desired results.
  • See noticeable improvement right away, and continued enhancement as collagen builds.

Schedule Fractora skin treatment at drs skin care for a more youthful looking neck. The number in Hamilton, ON is (905) 524-1712.

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