Removal of skin tags Hamilton Ontario

Safe Removal of skin tags

Hamilton, Ontario dermatologist offers safe removal of skin tags

There are millions of people who have skin tags. These common, benign growths of skin are not dangerous, but can be unappealing and bothersome for people, especially if they are in a highly visible area.

Skin tags range in size and color and often grow in the folds of skin, most commonly on the neck, armpits, or around the eyes. They can also appear on the nipples, testicles, or anus.

Why people get skin tags

Skin tags are commonly caused by the friction that is created when skin rubs against skin.

Safe Removal of skin tags

There are several methods we use to safely and effectively remove skin tags. In most cases, determining the method used is a matter of preference by the patient.


Liquid nitrogen can be used to freeze off a skin tag. Patients will feel a mild stinging sensation when it is applied to the tag. After the procedure, the tag will begin to darken and will fall off within a week or two.


Larger skin tags are often removed by cutting. The area is numbed before the doctor uses a scalpel to slice off the skin tag. Bleeding is minimal, depending on the size of the skin tag.


We may also cauterize the skin tag with the use of an electrical current to burn off the tag. Cauterization leaves a scab that will fall off after a few weeks.

After the removal of a skin tag, there’s a low probability that a new one will return in the same place, although we can’t predict the growth of new ones. Many patients will return every couple of years for removal of new skin tags. If you are in the Hamilton, Ontario area, call us today to learn about skin tag removal. Call (905) 524-1712.

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